Tips From a Roadside Service on Staying Safe on the Side of the Road

Steps To Take If You’re Stranded On The Side Of The Road

Here are the guidelines from roadside service on what to do if your car breaks down on the highway in case this occurs to you.

Move the Vehicle as Far From the Road as Possible

These days, texting and GPS screens are the main sources of driver distraction. It might be disastrous if a passing motorist swerves slightly at the wrong moment and your immobilized vehicle is too close to the road. Aim to be at least two feet from the edge of the road when you coast to a stop, if you can do it.

Hang Something White From The Driver Side Window

A white “flag” indicates to oncoming traffic that your car is stuck and not moving. Also, it draws attention during the day so that vehicles can leave as much room as possible. Anything white will do, even a sheet of white paper from the glove box, a paper towel, or a gym t-shirt. To secure it, slightly lower the window after inserting the white object, then raise the window back up.

Exit Via the Passenger Door

No matter how far off the road you are, never, ever get out of your car on the side of the road where passing traffic is. Ask the person sitting next to you to depart the vehicle first so you can exit on the opposite side, away from the road, even if they are a passenger.

Passengers Should Exit The Vehicle

Any passengers in your crippled car risk injury if it is rear-ended. Your passengers should likewise get out of the car if the weather isn’t hazardous. Make sure they leave the vehicle on the side facing traffic, the passenger side. Unless there are unusual circumstances, you should ask your passengers to stand a few yards away from the side of the road.

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